Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is based on the principles laid out by our founder and Captain, Ivo Laurencic. Even though he set sail for some other waters in 2013, we continue on the course set by him. His philosophy was to always hire the best people for the job, to keep learning and teaching others, to motivate yourself and the people in your team, to love your job, and not just do it for the financial reward.

  • We focus on effective advertising that delivers real and measurable results for our clients
  • We work closely with our clients, helping them build their business by creating brands that live as a part of consumers’ lives and promote their loyalty and confidence
  • We make connections between brands, consumers and communications channels


Our intelligent HR Policy focuses on making our people our key benefit. That is why we always strive to employ the best talents available on the market, who constantly keep track with the international marketing, advertising and communication trends. We have created a balanced team with excellent individuals that are also team players with great experience and knowledge of the domestic market. 


We benefit from the experience of hundreds of created and implemented campaigns. Our process of work is based on an internationally recognized communication strategy development and implementation methods, techniques and tools. 


Our resources include a fully equipped graphic design studio including 3D modeling, video/audio production and editing studio, as well as permanent longer-term partnership and cooperation with over 100 professionals and companies specialized in a number of marketing related disciplines. 

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