He graduated Theory of Music, a logical choice when you take into consideration that he is related to practically every professional musician in Macedonia. From event management, to video production, to simply being in charge of the karaoke at our informal gatherings, he literally makes the job a song.
She studied architecture and Russian language, but somehow ended up in accounting. She Is our wizard of numbers. Always complaining that she has the least creative job in the agency, she contributes to our campaigns by being the first “filter”, and potential customer that we test our ideas on. She further develops her creativity by writing some pretty good poems in rhyme for her eleven year old nephew’s home assignments.
The agency inside the agency, Tome is our mystery man. Always on the phone, discussing media plans, or possibly working for MOSAD or the CIA – when it comes to him either of these is an option.
The only parent in the creative department, she does what every mom does –making sure that everything is nice and pretty and that everyone behaves themselves. Always involved in some project that requires cutting, gluing, and arranging things prettily, from our handmade Christmas tree, to hanging colorful paper balloons on the walls, which cause children to ask if the agency is in fact a kindergarten.
Seemingly quiet and reserved, you would never expect from him the deadly sense of humor that strikes when you least expect it. He’s our connection to the “real world”, taking care of all the practical things and silently reproaching us for being immature. (We’re not! And if you don’t believe us, we challenge you to a duel. You can choose the weapon, plastic swords or nerf guns, we have both). He’s been with us for 10 years so far, and his degree as a social worker probably helps him tolerate us.
Since graduating from Art School and then getting a degree in dramaturgy has worked on film and in theater. After realizing that there is no money in art, started working in advertising and continued to do so for the last 10 years. Changed two agencies before settling in Idea Plus where she feels at home, and has the cupboard-full of all sorts of “necessary” things to prove it, among which a hot-water bottle.
The “invisible man” of the agency, always in the background, but making sure that everything gets where it’s supposed to get, and in time. Another one of our “Hitchcock type” characters, it will be no wonder if he decides to leave us for Hollywood one day.
The youngest member of our team. When she arrived at the agency, the question of everyone’s mind was: “Is she crazy enough to fit in”. She was. Which is a rare thing these days. She has a degree in Corporate Communications and Public Relations, which explains why she is an expert in eating, singing, dancing in the streets, cooking, listening to other people’s troubles, drinking coffee, and other social activities.
If you need something printed, or molded, or constructed, or created from scratch, Icko is your man. Always on the go, from an event to the printers, from the printers to stores, looking for whatever strange object we need to have branded. If he looks familiar to you, it’s because he discreetly appears in some of our videos, in the style of Hitchcock.
She is our wonder woman – on the phone with clients, making a budget with one hand and writing an advertising strategy with the other – all at the same time. Apart from graduating as Communication Sciences Specialist, it’s probable that being a mom of a toddler plays a role in making her a multi-tasking expert.
We suspect that his MA in International Politics and Diplomacy attributes to his skillful handling of clients. An ex male model, he has a smile that disarms even the most difficult of clients and co-workers. If it wasn’t for his persistent desire to sing out loud at all times, and the conviction that he does it well, he would be perfect.
If you are having a quiet conversation with a colleague, and suddenly someone starts shouting at you: “STOP ARGUING”, you know that it’s Elena. With a Bachelor in Industrial Design and a Master’s Degree in Interior Design for Commercial Spaces from a university in Barcelona, she decided to come back and work in Macedonia – luckily for us. She uses her Amazonian fighter spirit and energy constructively, from coming up with the most creative ideas, to organizing team gatherings.
He graduated editing at Faculty for Dramatic Arts and for the past 7 years he’s been spending most of the time in the basement, where our editing studio is. Every time he comes up for air, there are a few moments of “who’s the new guy” confusion. But don’t worry, we regularly throw food down, and if this story has touched your heart and you would like to feed him, Ritter Sport chocolate is his favorite, any flavor.
She has a svelte figure to die for and a broad sincere smile. But don’t be fooled by the innocent looks, she is a heavy weight Account Manager that can move tons of boxes by herself (literally) and eats more than everybody else in the agency (we all wonder where the food goes)! She has a BA in Italian and Spanish language and literature, which adds points to her excellent communication skills.
Lide is our fairy godmother. At night, when we go to sleep, she comes and makes sure everything is clean and in its proper place. We never see her, but can definitely tell she’s been herе, and the fact that we still haven’t been infested by crocodiles is another proof of her invisible presence. She’s been with the agency from the very beginning.
After graduating from the JAT Flight Academy, she chose to fly metaphorically instead of literally, on the wings of her creativity. Her creative ideas always have an element of bringing people together and including everyone in the fun. She is the “spirit” in our Team Spirit. She’s also in charge of taking care of our pet turtles, Bisa and Djelanja.
He was born in Butel, the place where everyone else goes after they die, so maybe that is why he does everything backwards. According to his degree, he is a dentist. To everyone’s relief he chose to work as a designer, but persistently refuses to wear a scarf in order to look like one. The only guy in a creative department full of women, he provides the “corporate” and “serious” element to our design work.
Was born against her will and still bears a grudge towards her parents. While she is waiting for the meteor that will save her from colleagues that insist on hugging her and being generally nice to her, she spends her time at the agency multitasking as a designer, pre-press operator and what she herself call “information desk”. With a BA in Pedagogy and a Degree from a design college, has a gift for educating younger colleagues, and even though she acts as if she cannot stand us, we know she adores us.
The latest addition to our team, a vegetarian for ethical reasons since 2002, she tolerates the meat-eaters in the agency, but luckily our kitchen is big enough and equipped for everyone’s taste – from a blender to a greasy toaster. She has two degrees – one in Journalism and another one in Public Communications from a university in Bulgaria. Writing is her first love, but she also flirts with music and cries at good concerts. She tries to break stereotypes and prejudices, both in personal life and in her work, which comes in handy when you work in a creative industry.
She is our very own party animal! Works from nine to five, drinks coffee with friends till seven, goes on a Spanish course, continues to a party, sleeps (maybe) and then comes straight to work. She wanted to be a flight attendant, but finished a school for journalism and public relations instead – there’s a rumor she was too tall for a stewardess. Always ready for a good debate, armed with facts and great knowledge about every topic, Kate is our ‘brain with a charming smile’.

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